My Purpose is to Empower Women to Reach their Full Potential

 Hey, I’m Alicia and I am a Naturopathic medical intern, functional medicine student, personal trainer, crossfit coach and precision nutrition certified. I work with high achieving, motivated, serious for a change women who are struggling with weight-loss and are completely ready for a lifestyle revamp.  I help mentor and educate on how to increase energy, mental clarity and lose weight through diet, lifestyle and mindset work, with easy, effective, sustainable fat loss strategies. I guide women on how to transform their body into one they adore, while feeling motivated, nourished and empowered with their health. I provide the tools they need to  bring more confidence into their lives and help deal with the mental/emotional aspects of lifestyle changes, such as cognitive distortions, emotional eating, craving and addiction. 

I want to help you develop a lifestyle plan that gets you to your goals without depriving yourself. My mission is to have you looking and feeling like the total goddess we both know you are.

I believe that providing the tools for women to feel confident, powerful, beautiful and strong, in her body and with her health, she can rise above the limits she sets upon herself and achieve greatness in all aspects of her life.

I will admit, I am an education junkie. I have 9 years post secondary education, including a bachelors in kinesiology, currently completing my intern year in pursuit of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and enrolled in functional medicine. Education excites me and I love to learn. With my education and keen ability to research I know what works. I know the strategies that have been proven again and again through research to be the MOST effective.

I began personal training at the age of 18 because I was shocked how many women were ‘afraid, nervous, and lacked confidence’ in the gym and with weights. I wanted to start a movement to give women the tools so they could feel powerful and confident in the gym. For just under a decade I have been working with women to achieve fat loss goals, so on top of the education and research qualifications I also have the clinical experience. I know what works, I know how to motivate, I know how to individual the approach so you can get to your goals with a lifestyle that works FOR YOU.

I strive to live a life that allows me to life the best life I can. I find movement in my life every single day, with structured exercise 6days/ week. I constantly experiment with my diet because I believe we are all individuals and should find a plan that works best for us. I have adopted a paleo lifestyle, intermittent fast daily and currently dabbling into some ketogenic (which has been going excellently).

When I am not guiding women toward achieving a body they adore I can usually be found practicing yoga, at the gym, reading (I am a total book worm), or researching. I LOVE being outdoors. I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, which my parents still live at, so I escape away from the city whenever I have the chance. I love to travel, especially solo backpacking and despite my parents concerns, take off whenever I can.

My biggest weakness is animals. I tend to be chronic foster failure which has led me to acquire a rather large (chaotically beautiful) family for 3 dogs, 1 cat, a turtle and a fish. I cry, unapologetically, at beautiful things. Beautiful music, art, movement, movies, songs, books, commercials, memories, thoughts. I was a closet emotional person as a kid and I am making up for lost time by embracing all my feelings. I meditate, everyday and strongly belief we all need to dive deep into our emotional intellect.I stand behind all things female empowerment. I believe women hold the greatest potential for our world and its about damn time we get the power, fairness, respect and success we all deserve. Working with women I know that when she is looking and feeling HER best it gives her the confidence to stand up for her beliefs, to showcase her strengths and change the world in the most magical ways. I want to be that force helping women get their true potential by encouraging and empowering them to be the best they can possibly be.

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