Imagine finally, having the confidence to ask for exactly what you want, wear what you want, and live the life you want.

You’re tired of second-guessing your worth and underplaying your accomplishments.

It’s time to stop hiding away and share your feminine magic with the world.

Because you? You’re a Queen who deserves to have it all.


As women, this world was not built for us.

The workforce is not made for us, business is not created for our leadership, and advice is not catered to our true needs.

Most women are completely unaware of the hormonal advantage they possess. It’s this lack of comprehension that leads women to lack confidence, leading them to feel like:

  • they can’t wear what they want to wear, because there’s no way it will look good
  • they can’t say YES to life & enjoy rich experiences – like family beach days, vacations with the girls, fancy networking dinners
  • they can’t ask for the raise or promotion they KNOW they deserve
  • they aren’t good enough to take the leap and start the business of their dreams
  • they can’t effectively say no and set boundaries

This leads to:

  • a constant cycle of trying to do MORE, believing that if you just fix XYZ you’ll be happy
  • your children taking on the outlook you have on your life and body
  • depleting yourself prove you’re valuable and worthy
  • blurred boundaries -living to someone else’s expectations

At Alicia MacPherson, we believe a woman’s success comes from finally letting go of the constant “do” mode and learning how to just “be”. Because the truth is, who you are, right now, is completely and totally enough.

Don’t believe me?

Inside Fiercely Feminine program you’ll gain the power to:

1. Have unwavering confidence and certainty in your body, your work and yourself.

2. Go from stress, chaos, and anxiety to calmness and ease.

3. Align with your hormonal fluctuations to work with your body – not against it.

It’s time to give yourself permission to truly honor your femininity once and for all!

“To be a woman is to be completely alive.”

You’re *probably* a fit for Fiercely Feminine if…

• You are ready to live in a world of abundance instead of scarcity

• You’re tired of feeling like you’re not enough

• You’ve spent years working against your body – but now you want to work with it

• You’re ready to say YES to all that life has to offer you

Meet the Creator

I’m Alicia! A driven, natural medicine expert, & women’s health and hormone enthusiast on a mission.

To create more powerful, confident, and feminine female leaders, who have the knowledge to tap into their hormonal advantage.

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Ready to have it all?

Good. Because you’re a Queen who deserves to ask for exactly what you want, wear what you want, and live the life you want. Unlock your power today!